Puzzling for a cause – Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver

I am a retired guy doing things I love in my retirement years.

I love woodworking and have a woodwork shop where I can make things out of wood.

For several years I have been working on wooden puzzles. The kind that look easy but after a few minutes one is still trying to solve the thing. Fun!

Since my puzzle making is a “labour of love” I have decided not to sell my puzzles but rather give them to people who will make a donation to a charitable organization. The organization I have chosen is “Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver.”I chose this organization for several reasons.

One They are doers!

Two They spend as little as possible of the raised funds on administration costs.

Three They use volunteers to work in the four ReStores. The ReStores sell new and used retail building supplies.

All the information about them is on the web site at http://www.habitatgv.ca/

My Goal is to raise $100,000.00 for Habitat for Humanity. One of the ten ways I will raise these funds is by giving my puzzles to people for a $20.00 Donation to Habitat for Humanity Greater Vancouver.

Please help me come up with other ideas of how I can raise these funds.

As a successful realtor for more than 20 years I learned to always ask for the order. I am asking for the order now. Will you donate $20.00 or more to Habitat for Humanity?

Thank you.

Wayne Helfrich


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