Text Books for Ugandan Children

Looking at the photos of cheerful children from my village of Alwa, Uganda, reminds me constantly of the privileges I take for granted. When I first returned to the village of Alwa in the fall of 2012, I found these children sitting under a tree, making every effort to concentrate on the lesson of the day. A teacher stood in front of a black board writing something down, that I could barely see from the vantage point I stood at. No one, not even the teacher, had a text book in front of them. I stood there wondering how anyone could learn, let alone concentrate under these conditions. A cow passes by and I find myself distracted. Residents of Alwa continuously shuffle through and I find myself even more distracted.  “Goodness! How can anyone, let alone children, excel in such circumstances?”

I find myself wondering. I reflect back to my life in Seattle, my condo, a few minutes walk from the downtown library, where I have the privilege and access to any book or educational material my heart desires, in addition to being protected from the weather elements and having the luxury to expand my mind with little to no distraction. A bell rings and I am brought back to the realities of life in my village, children sitting under trees, doing their best to learn.

I then came to a conclusion, advocate to bridge the literature gap one child at a time. Thus Alwa Foundation’s dedication to supporting teachers and students with access to study guides and literature material.

Our current goal is to purchase 200 text books, covering the following subjects: English, math, science and social studies. Each text book is estimated at $10. Your support and donations truly make a difference. 100% of all donations go directly to the purchase of text books. Empower the children and youth in our village by donating towards a text book and or sharing this link.

With gratitude and thanks

Lekea Itero (Co-Founder of Alwa Foundation.)

For any questions, contact me at lekea9@gmail.com

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