Class Method and Rates

Class Method

I specialize in private and semi-private Spanish classes. These classes are held in the student’s home or office (in Manhattan or Brooklyn) without additional charges for travel time. This way, you can learn at your own pace. In addition, classes are flexible- designed to fit your schedule and if this changes, class time can change as well.

All classes are taught by an experienced, native speaker who has been trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language.  From the first day, students are immersed in Spanish while being taught the grammar necessary to communicate.  Level – appropriate materials such as newspapers, short-stories as well as grammar exercises are incorporated into all classes.

Private  class rates

One  (1) Student


1 Hour/class = $45

10 classes x 1 hour (total: 10 hours) = $405

1.5 Hours/class = $65

10 classes x 1.5 hours (total: 15 hours)= $590

2 Hours/class = $70

10 classes x 2 hours (total: 20 hours) = $630

3 Hours/class = $90

10 classes x 3 hours (total: 30 hours) = $810

*Programs must be paid full.

Semi-Private  class rates

Two  (2) Student


1 Hour = $60

10 classes = $540

1.5 Hours = $75

10 classes = $680

2 Hours = $90

10 classes = $810

3 Hours = $120

10 classes = $1,080

*Programs must be paid full.

Online lessons on Skype

Private  class rates for One  (1) Student


1 Hour/class = $18

4 classes x 1 hour (total: 4 hours) = $60

1.5 Hours/class = $25

4 classes x 1.5 hours (total: 6 hours)= $80

2 Hours/class = $30

4 classes x 2 hours (total: 8 hours) = $100

3 Hours/class = $45

4 classes x 3 hours (total: 12 hours) = $160

*Programs must be paid full.


Spanish Levels

Total Beginner

Students at this level have no experience at all with Spanish. Classes are focused on teaching a solid foundation for basic conversations and the vocabulary needed for simple communication.


A student at this level is familiar with present tense regular verbs, is able to introduce his/herself and understands the difference between “ser” and “estar” verbs. Classes at this level reinforce what the student already knows while introducing new grammar and conversation topics.

Beginner Plus

At this level, the student can communicate in the present tense using regular and irregular verbs, knows the preterite tense, has an increased vocabulary and can have a spontaneous and independent conversation. We focus class on the imperfect indicative tense and the difference between the imperfect and preterite past tense.


This student has a strong understanding of the indicative mood and other grammatical themes. This class level consolidates knowledge of the indicative mood and prepares students for the subjunctive mood.

Intermediate Plus

The intermediate plus level focuses on fluid situations and conversations, the present subjunctive, a review of irregular verbs in all indicative tenses and the imperative. The student is able to use complex tenses in conversations.


At this level, the student converses comfortably but with some errors common to this level. Classes at this level target the elimination of these errors through conversation, oral exercises and written assignments. We cover the simple and complex past tenses in the subjunctive mood.


As the title of this level indicates, conversational students are familiar with all grammar points and can carry a sustained conversation. This level focuses on pronunciation, the ability to express complex thoughts and emotions and improving the student’s ability to correct him/herself