On my trip to Nicaragua I decided to do a spanish class and so I met Alvaro in Granada. It was difficult to learn Spanish in only 5 days, but Alvaro was the perfect teacher. The lessons were always funny and he supported me as much as he could. It was a really great time with Alvaro. I definitely recommend him if you want to have a sincerely and competently Spanish teacher.


Natalie from Germany


It was in February 2015 that I had the opportunity to meet Alvaro. In 15 hours of classes, he taught me the basics of his mother tongue. I not only meet a devoted teacher, but above all a man passionate about human contact. Alvaro is a patient, pedagogical teacher and very attentive to these students.

Mirjam KēkadCanada

If you want to learn Spanish and have fun learning, then having Alvaro as an instructor may be a good fit for you. I had the honor and privilege of having Alvaro as my Spanish teacher. Within 6 months I went from beginner to intermediate level and started understanding more spoken and written Spanish. He helped me overcome my fears of the past tense conjugations. If you are serious about really learning Spanish then Alvaro’s teaching is for you.

Lekea IteroALWA Foundation

“I have taken a number of Spanish language classes with a variety of instructors over the years but Alvaro, in particular, stands out. Alvaro is intuitive, he is able to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the Spanish language and then teach to them. If you are more a more advanced Spanish speaker he will work with you on the specific areas you have identified as personally important. While I would consider his teaching style as casual, he places great importance on effort and improvement. He is also patient, creative and conversationally fun to talk to, making learning easy. I would not hesitate in recommending Alvaro as a Spanish language instructor!”

Jessica SchugelBuenViajeTours.com

For a social entrepreneurship program in Nicaragua, I had two weeks of Spanish language training. This was when I first met Alvaro. For four hours a day, Alvaro taught myself and three others the grammatical structure, vocabulary, idioms, and cultural knowledge related to the Spanish language. Taking classes with Alvaro was never boring. Alvaro found ways to make each class exciting and engaged his students in ways that had everyone participating and bonding with each other. Alvaro genuinely cares about his students’ developments and his sense of humor and expertise with teaching allowed him to follow-through on that. Even after leaving Nicaragua, I continued to stay in touch with Alvaro, and I am proud to call Alvaro my friend.

Kevin BuCollege Student

“Through word of mouth from Nicaragua to Canada, I heard of Alvaro’s Spanish lessons and I am very thankful I did! He’s done a fantastic job of catering the lessons towards my needs to find the most effective way to help me learn. I moved to Spain to study abroad in the winter of 2017 and could not have done it without the help of Alvaro. The lessons prepared me with skills and linguistic foundation that I so desperately needed which led to one my best life experiences. I could not be more thankful for what Alvaro has done for me.

Joel BalykCollege Student

I started taking Spanish lessons with Alvaro back in 2013 when I lived in Nicaragua. When I returned to Canada we resumed classes over Skype. With his guidance I have improved my level of Spanish and my grammar immensely. I have recommended him to several family members and friends as well. I like that he tailors his classes around both your language needs and your interests. It is much easier to practice fluency in areas where I actually will use the language, and it keeps me engaged with what I am learning. He knows his grammar really well, so when he corrects my Spanish, he is able to explain to me why what I am saying is an error, which really helps me to evolve my skills. Alvaro knows how to keep class interesting, even over Skype, and integrates songs, videos, memes, etc. so that the class is more than just conversation practice. I highly recommend Alvaro to anyone looking to learn Spanish. Regardless of your level, or whether you take class in person or online, he can make his class fit your needs.

Lana Gonzalez BalykCanada

“I first started taking private Spanish lessons from Alvaro over a year ago in Granada, Nicaragua where my wife and I lived for a year, and I continue to take lessons from him now from Portland, Oregon via Skype a few days a week. Even though learning a new language is very difficult for me, I have learned a lot! Over the years, I have had several Spanish teachers, but Alvaro is by far the very best one. He is an excellent and experienced teacher, and he knows his craft very well. He is hardworking and very good at using teaching methods and resources that address individual needs and learning styles and that are interesting. He is very patient, consistent, methodical, and speaks clearly and at a pace that students can understand and allows them to learn better and faster. Also, he knows a lot about grammar (much more than I do, and I taught high school English for many years!), which is useful not only to be able to speak and write Spanish well but also to “make the connections” with native or other known languages that enhances learning and enjoyment. Finally, Alvaro is very “tech savvy.” Surprisingly, I have found that taking lessons “online” via Skype is just as valuable as it was in person in Nicaragua. He uses well various features of Skype that really enhances the learning, such as quickly sending documents, YouTube clips and other links, useful resources, and messages through the chat box during the lesson. After my lesson, he often sends other useful information and homework if i want it. I highly recommend Alvaro.”


Alvaro is an amazing teacher, who taught me everything that I know about Spanish. Because he is such an interesting and great communicator, our two-hour class sessions seemed to go by within minutes. Alvaro genuinely cares that all his students enjoy learning Spanish and as such, creates course lessons that are fun and engaging by teaching not only traditional subjects like grammar but also colloquial Nicaraguan phrases and culture. Overall, I could not recommend a better teacher. Alvaro is the best! –Diana

Diana YeDuke College student

I highly recommend Alvaro for private Spanish lessons. I spent one month in Granada learning Spanish and made a lot of progress towards my goals (mostly in the present tense). I booked 4 hours a day in class and sometimes would lose focus but Alvaro would change the lessons to keep in interesting. Sometimes we played games in Spanish! Because one of my goals was to learn practical Spanish for getting around Nicaragua, he spent time helping me practice shopping, adding minutes to my phone etc. He also created lessons to help me learn specific words to communicate with artisans in Nicaragua as that was necessary for my work. He was so much fun to work with and I really appreciated that he let my dog attend class. Thank you Alvaro! Great personalized lessons!

Liz ThomsonNica Life